Fitter Profile: Thalia Rincon

My name is Thalia and I am the newest Product Specialist at Absolute Medical.  I started at Absolute Medical in 2019 in their customer service department. One of the biggest attributes I bring to this role is my knowledge of how the process flows behind the scenes. This process includes insurance coverage, quantity limits, how often a patient can order the garments they need, and even the billing process. Since much of this is unknown, our job as Product Specialists is to create certainty for our patients. A lot of patients that we evaluate are new to lymphedema. We believe that they shouldn’t be burdened with the tedious work it takes to investigate their insurance coverage. I hope to bring that knowledge to the forefront of my appointments with patients to calm any nerves or uncertainties that come with entering the journey of compression garments.


The real reason I wanted to step into the role as a fitter is because of my passion for working with patients in the medical field and connecting with them as human beings first. My natural tendency to meet a human being (in any situation) with compassion and empathy can be accredited to my mother. Her approach to raising my siblings and me has instilled an inherent tendency to nurture. She was also in the medical field and always brought home stories on how she was impacted by a patient she had met that day, which piqued an interest for me that I was never able to shake.


Being the newest in this position, I get to learn from our experienced fitters and take their experiences to better my interactions with patients. Since my first day at Absolute Medical 2 ½ years ago, I have broadened my knowledge on what lymphedema is, how it affects our patients and the important role that Absolute Medical plays to help patients maintain their lymphedema independently.


Understanding lymphedema and how it affects our customers emotionally, financially, and physically from my experience in customer service has helped increase my confidence to be more hands-on as a Product Specialist. Therefore, helping patients navigate through the complex process of getting correctly fitting compression garments has been my goal at Absolute Medical since the day I started. I am excited to get to work!