About Absolute Medical, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience serving the community, we aim to keep patients feeling empowered in their management of lymphedema.

Our team is dedicated to supporting the patient and the healthcare professional through all aspects of lymphedema management, from measurement to evaluation to refittings and beyond. We will send our highly trained garment specialists to measure, fit, and answer product questions for patients in the setting most comfortable to them.

Insurance reimbursement for compression products can be extremely complex. To better serve the community, we have assembled a staff of billing experts to explain Medicare or non-Medicare insurance claims fully. They will evaluate each order on a case-by-case basis for compliance with applicable medical criteria established by all insurance carriers, including Medicare.

Before proceeding with any order, our billing experts will always detail any out-of-pocket costs to patients upfront.

Our Mission

Absolute Medical, Inc. strives to improve the lives of those we serve through our compassionate, professional, and efficient care in the area of compression-based devices.

Our vision is to be the first choice for compression-based products in the communities that we serve. We deliver on our vision by striving to continually improve the efficiency of our services and the quality of the product lines that we provide for our clients.

Our Core Values

Accountability: We each take full ownership of success. We collaborate respectfully. We responsibly show up for ourselves and our team. We are diligent and reliable in all tasks and communications. We are honest about our limitations, mistakes, and celebrate victories.

Curiosity: We are constantly thinking about why and how. We acknowledge what we don’t know, strive to ask the right questions, and analyze the answers. We work to get at the root cause of all things rather than accepting them at face value.

Enthusiasm: We show up every day with high energy being committed to 110% positive results. We are aware of how we are perceived by others and our impact on those around us. We are passionate about our convictions and expect that of those around us. We primarily focus on what is right in a situation instead of what is wrong. Positivity fuels purpose.

Growth: Our hunger for growth is fed by numerous forms of education. We seek opportunities to learn about our industry, improve communication skills, embrace technology, and seek to better our emotional intelligence. We grow together as a team through honesty, respect, and are willing to help each other step outside of our comfort zone. We are a team.

Contribution: We selflessly contribute to the success of our mission as a team. We operate with compassion and empathy. We care. We connect deeply as a team and with the people we serve. We are mission-driven and altruistic, actively striving to improve the lives of those around us.

Innovation: We are committed to consistently innovating our operations. We believe that leveraging technology and bettering our processes will deliver the ultimate customer experience. We passionately detest mediocrity and the status quo. We personify improvement knowing that challenges make us better. If we are not growing we are dying.