Ready-to-Wear Compression Garments

Ready-to-wear or Circular knit compression garments are lighter and are made for all extremities. These compression garments have a variety of standard sizes and gradient compression levels and are straight off the shelf from the manufacturer. They can also help manage the early stages of lymphedema.

About Ready-to-Wear / Circular Knit Compression Garments

Ready-to-wear or Circular knit compression garments are made of seamless, long-stretch fabric and come in different compression levels, sizes, colors, and styles. They are indicated for the treatment of certain vascular conditions, mild swelling, and upper-extremity lymphedema in breast cancer patients.

Though often used for the treatment of upper- and lower-extremity lymphedema, these compression garments tend to roll and bind, pinching in areas of least resistance (skin crevices) when applied to patients with more progressive lymphedema. This can restrict lymphatic flow, be tight and uncomfortable, and may lead to increased swelling along with skin and tissue breakdown.

Please avoid ordering from this product category for patients with more progressive lymphedema in moderate to severe stages.

The best way to understand each compression garment is to schedule a visit with one of our specialists. They will expertly measure and fit patients for a personal garment that allows for the best possible management of lymphedema. Follow-up visits to ensure that patients have the right fit are also part of our service.

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Be careful: fingernails and jewelry are capable of damaging compression garments. Remove jewelry and use the pads of your fingers, not the nails. Consider wearing rubber Sigvaris Donning Gloves if your nails are too long, or your finger strength is too weak. Do not apply creams or lotions to your limbs before donning your compression garment.

If a patient’s lymphedema is moderate to severe, please consider using a flat knit or other compression garments. Circular knit garments may harm patient’s tissue, make them uncomfortable, or make swelling worse.

Donning – Lower Extremity

Step 1: Turn the upper half of the stocking inside out to the heel by gently sliding the stocking down over the foot portion.

Step 2: Slip your foot into the foot portion.

Step 3: Gently ease the remaining part of the stocking over the heel.

Step 4: Use the palms of your hands to massage the stocking upwards towards the knee. DO NOT pull or yank at the upper edge of the stocking.

Step 5: Follow the same procedure for the opposite leg, taking care that the stitch rows always run vertically.

Step 6: For thigh-highs and pantyhose, position both stockings, as described above, until just below the knee.

Step 7: Gently ease the stocking onto the thigh. Work the stocking upwards into place using the palms of your hands until the stocking reaches the groin area.

If putting on a thigh-high stocking with silicone border, DO NOT pull the stocking up from the silicone border.

Step 8: For pantyhose, ease the body part of the pantyhose to your waist. The seams should run vertically up the front of the garment.

Donning – Upper Extremity

Step 1: Fold the top half of the sleeve down over the bottom half of the sleeve.

Step 2: Using the folded edge, gently ease the sleeve over the hand and up the arm until the folded edge reaches the elbow.

Step 3: Take the end of the top half of the sleeve and slide it slowly up the upper part of the arm towards the shoulder. Using Sigvaris Donning Gloves helps make the process much easier.

Step 4: Use the palm of your hand to equally distribute the knit and guide the sleeve into place. The knit should look even and fit smoothly over the length of the arm.

  • Machine wash in warm water with mild detergent, avoiding Woolite or detergents with perfumes or other additives
  • Do not use bleach
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron


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For a full refund, ready-to-wear or “off-the-shelf” garments must be returned within 14 days of purchase. Ready-to-wear garments can be exchanged for other sizes, styles, or compression levels within 30 days of purchase. Contact customer service to assure you get the exchange you need.

Items must be in returnable and laundered condition with all original packaging and contents from the box.