Garment Fitting Visits at Your Convenience

Our garment specialists are trained to support you during your lymphedema treatment and help you understand which compression garment option will work best for you.

Partner with us to find the perfect fit

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your garment fitting. Our specialists can visit you for an evaluation and measuring at your lymphedema therapist’s clinic, our Chicago office, or in the comfort of your home at no cost to you.

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What to expect from your fitting visit

Being more involved in the process will help you become more comfortable wearing your compression garment, both during the day and at night. Our specialists are product experts, so make sure to prepare any questions or concerns you might have about wearing a compression garment.

If you haven’t been measured yet for a garment, our garment specialist will first carefully do so. From there they will ask about your experience wearing a garment, any difficulties you may have had in the past, and your treatment goals. They will evaluate your needs and discuss the different available and customized products for you, and their out-of-pocket cost.

We’ll be there with you when you put your garment on for the first time. You’ll be able to practice getting the garment on by yourself, and get expert advice and tips for maintaining a good fit.

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