We work with top-quality manufacturers that produce compression garments for patients with lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and lipedema.


JOBST®, a brand of Essity, provides solutions for the prevention, treatment, and management of venous and lymphatic conditions.
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L&R design and manufacture custom and standard sized therapeutic garments for lymphedema, venous disease, venous insufficiency, and chronic or acute edema.
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Juzo offers a complete line of inconspicuous stockings, sleeves and gauntlets designed to manage or prevent lymphedema.
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SIGVARIS® has been committed to developing and distributing premium quality products which provide a new life for the legs of people suffering from the various forms of chronic venous disease.
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medi is committed to helping people all around the world live a more independent, productive, and satisfying life while managing circulatory, lymphatic, and ambulatory issues.
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Bio Compression Systems

Bio Compression Systems, Inc., has been the leading manufacturer of compression therapy equipment for over 30 years.
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