Medi Compression Garments

Medical issues don’t just affect a life – they affect a lifestyle. At Medi, their goal is to help patients feel better in body and spirit, letting them continue to share all the same activities even after treatment begins. That’s why they offer a full range of quality products for the treatment of lymphedema and other edemas. Medi promises to keep growing and leading the way in medical innovations.

Product Line

The innovative, inelastic bandaging system, the circaid reduction kit, will grant patients a previously unattainable level of independence for the initial treatment of lymphedema. The reduction kit engages the patient in their therapy from day one. With its unique component approach, patients can build the solution they need to meet their individual requirements. These components can be used in isolation or in combinations to meet each specific need. This freedom and flexibility allow patient empowerment to continue their therapy away from the clinic, improving overall outcomes. Progress can be tracked with each visit and as decongestion occurs, the components can be adjusted for optimal continued use and maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Breathe-O-Prene® is a breathable, flexible and comfortable material for best-wearing comfort.
  • Juxtaposed band system ensures a perfect fit as the straps can be individually adjusted while on the limb.
  • Built-In-Pressure system: Patients are able to individually adjust their prescribed compression range when donning circaid products and readjust throughout the course of the day with the BPS patented technology. 
  • Built-In-Tension System supplies repeatable and measurable tension for consistent use.
  • Easy handling makes for simple donning and doffing that promotes patient empowerment.

The circaid juxtalite lower leg system is an easy alternative for those who lack the strength or dexterity to use traditional compression stockings and bandages. The circaid juxtalite lower leg system features adjustable assured compression levels (20-30, 30-40, or 40-50 mmHg) using the patented built-in pressure system (BPS) that allows the clinician to set the desired compression and allows the patient to repeat this process at home as well as cool and light-weight Breathe-O-Prene material and limited linear stretch material that hugs the limb.

Key Features:

  • Excellent therapeutic results through accurate compression using the patented Built-in pressure system.
  • Easy to apply and adjust with juxtalock band system.
  • Breathprene material provides edema containment while maintaining wearing comfort.
  • Comes with 2 compressive undersleeves, and 1 BPS card.
  • Available in 16 sizes, including full-calf sizes.

The circaid juxafit premium lower leg compression wrap is a simple, inelastic, and adjustable compression garment for the management of lymphedema. The lower leg wrap is available in two lengths, short (28cm) and standard (36cm) and five sizes ranging from Small to XXL, including full-calf sizes. It is made from Breath-O-Prene fabric for a flexible and comfortable fit and is also latex-free. Custom variants are also possible for the entire leg.

Key Features:

  • Juxtaposing bands make application & removal easy.
  • Inelastic compression provides strong containment to reduce & prevent swelling.
  • Patented Built-In-Pressure System™ (BPS™) technology promotes patient independence.
  • Multiple compression levels (20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ mmHg) possible in one garment.
  • Comes with a pair of black compressive undersocks, 1 pac band for foot and ankle compression, and 1 black coverup.

The circaid profile is a foam sleeve garment designed for patient use at night or for those with sensitivity issues. Made from first-use foam and brrr°cooling fabric, the circaid profile allow patients comfortable lymphedema management from home. The circaid profile has a full assortment of colors and sizes in both ready-to-wear and custom options for upper extremity solutions.

The Technology Inside:

  • Engineered Foam creates massaging effect and promotes airflow
  • EZ-on Tabs included for effortless donning
  • Anatomic Fit – Lateral rise extends on upper arm for full coverage
  • Contoured Hand allows fingers to move freely
  • profileAnchor System keeps oversleeve in place
  • 1st use Foam – first consumer for hygienic confidence