Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international supplier of forward-looking medical devices and hygiene products of the highest quality. They develop customized solutions for the problems faced by patients and healthcare professionals – from classic wound dressing material to modern therapy and patient care systems. 

Product Line

TributeNight™ custom-designed lymphedema garments are a fundamental part of a successful lymphedema self-management program. TributeNight™ provides unparalleled custom support while you sleep by maintaining gains made in therapy, decreasing treatment time, increasing compliance, treating indurated tissue, allowing for normal sleeping posture, stimulating initial lymphatics, protecting limbs, supporting lax tissue, and more! You can rest assured you’re in good hands with TributeNight™.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates nightly wrapping and helps increase patient compliance.
  • Stimulate the initial lymphatics and help reduce fibrosis by creating localized tissue stretch and pressure differential.
  • Machine wash and dry garment.


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Tribute® Wrap is an adjustable garment with foam technology that nestles into the tissue to promote skin health. It comfortably adjusts to your patient’s unique shape and lifestyle to help maintain gains made during therapy, while allowing the flexibility to support further reduction. Simply slide it on, adjust the straps, and cover with Sleep Sleeve for a comfortable experience.

Key Features:

  • Chevron channeling – Designed based on MLD principles of directing fluid to collateral pathways. 
  • Adjustable strapping system – Easily conforms for the right, comfortable fit, and has the flexibility to support further reduction. 
  • Supports mobility – Angled straps at flexion points for a comfortable and functional design. 


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ReadyWrap® is an off-the-shelf adjustable compression wrap for transitioning out of therapy into self-management during the daytime, nighttime, and high or low activity. ReadyWrap® low-stretch medical binders can be used as an alternative or supplement to elastic compression garments. 

Key Features:

  • Simplify donning with ReadyWrap’s color-coded strapping system.
  • The 50% overlap mimics the gold standard of bandaging to ensure complete coverage.
  • Easily adjustable to allow for daily girth fluctuations.
  • Provide higher working and lower resting compression levels with low-stretch materials.


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