September 2021 – Welcome Letter

Thank you for trusting us!!


We know the care you give to your patients is second to none, and we appreciate that you choose Absolute Medical to work with your patients in managing their Lymphedema!!


It has been a hectic few months, so we wanted to make sure we were updating you on recent changes and exciting updates at Absolute Medical Inc! We hope to send a newsletter out quarterly, so please update your contact information here to ensure you receive updates!


We have had an incredibly busy 2021, and we are so appreciative for the trust you have put in us to assist in managing your patients’ Lymphedema.


We are available for appointments in patient’s homes, clinics, virtual, and our office. The past 18 months have brought an incredible amount of challenges, but they have also given us many opportunities to look at areas for contribution, growth, and Innovation. Over the next few months, we will be making several significant announcements to allow us to serve the Lymphedema community even more!!! 


We had time to reflect on some challenges we faced this past year and made some decisions based on the best interests of our patients and clinicians. We have been having many difficulties billing claims to Aetna and Cigna through our 3rd party payor. We made the difficult decision not to process orders to these insurances until we can find a better solution. We only started working with these insurances recently, but our 3rd party payor has not made this easy. We can still work with these patients, but the orders would be retail. Any existing orders we have open to these insurances, we will honor and get them processed.


I’m sure you can understand how difficult it was for us to make this decision and please know that we are working on a better alternative.


As we approach the end of the year, we want to keep everyone informed on any possible disruptions to our service and products over the next few months. Our manufacturing partners have already had some troubles with their services, and some products have been on backorder. We have already been made aware that there may be longer manufacturing times as we lead into the end of the year, and there may be some additional product delays. Absolute Medical has ordered an additional inventory of some of our most popular products to get ahead of this. We have utilized the most efficient methods of ordering garments, custom and off the shelf, to expedite our processes. Since we have a long history with most of our manufacturing partners, we are considered a priority partner in advancing our orders.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with any comments or concerns; stay tuned for some major announcements which will benefit therapists and patients alike.


Thank you again for trusting us in the care of your patients; we are here to serve you!