Donald Thomas has been a physical therapist for about 9 years, and a Lymphedema therapist for about 8 years. Throughout his professional career, Donald has been able to treat a wide variety of patients during his time of being a physical therapist who specializes in lymphedema. He was certified as a lymphedema therapist through the Norton School of Lymphatics in 2014, and recently received his official wound care certification from the SAWC in 2021. Currently, Donald works as a Lymphedema and Wound Care therapist with Good Shepherd Penn Partners, treating a multitude of simple and complex patients with lymphedema and potential lymphatic deficits. He also co-hosts a virtual Lymphedema support group, which occurs monthly, covering a plethora of topics relating to lymphedema, treatment, and education for patients and caregivers. Donald thoroughly enjoys what he does, and continues to learn more in the realm of lymphedema to be of service to those he is fortunate enough to treat for their lymphatic dysfunction.