Best Compression Garment for Massive Localized Lymphedema (MLL) of the Thigh

Massive Localized Lymphedema (MLL) is a unique presentation of lymphedema resulting in a large, benign, painless mass that develops in morbidly obese patients, most commonly on the medial thigh. Because 6% of the United States adult population is morbidly obese, MLL is believed to be under-diagnosed.

Treatment consists of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). Bandaging Massive Localized Lymphedema of the treatment is complicated because the swelling shifts causing the bandages to slide down the leg to the knee making a truly frustrating experience for the patient and therapist.

In the last decade or so, manufactures of compression garments have taken on the task of trying to find a solution to this problem in the form of Non-Elastic Velcro Compression Wraps. Googling “Non-Elastic Velcro Compression Wraps” produces dozens of different Velcro Wrap style garments. The majority of these products are intended for mild swelling and/or chronic venous insufficiency. Unfortunately, most of these garments are not robust enough or structured enough to hold massive thigh swelling.

In our experience, the Non-Elastic Velcro Compression Wrap below is the best tool for the job.


#1: Medi Juxta Fit Essentials Thigh with attached Knee

Medi Juxta Fit Essentials Thigh

Manufacturer Line:

  • Juxtaposing bands make application & removal easy
  • Inelastic compression provides strong containment to reduce & prevent swelling
  • Patented Built-In-Pressure System™ BPS® technology promotes patient independence
  • Multiple compression levels (20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ mmHg) possible in one garment
  • Product length and band lengths can be individually trimmed for the perfect fit


We are not saying that this garment is perfect, it does have some flaws, it does not breathe well-becoming extremely hot, and when overpulled it can cause deep indentations that can lead to blistering if the garment isn’t removed regularly for fit checks.

We believe that for patients with Massive Localized Lymphedema of the thigh, this product does the best job reducing and maintaining swelling.  This garment’s best selling point is that it is adjustable. When bandaging is performed on an MLL limb the bandages fall to the knee before the patient gets to their car in the parking lot.  With the Medi Juxta Fit Essentials Thigh with Knee, the garment will fall but can be easily reapplied by adjusting the Velcro straps. If the patient is diligent and continues to adjust the garment as the limb reduces the garment will need to be trimmed down with scissors to improve the fit of the garment but this annoying task will pay off in the end with better results than what can be achieved with multi-layered bandaging.

Some other benefits are:

  • The garment comes in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL and can be customized on-site by an experienced garment fitter.
  • It can be used during phase 1 reduction phase and lymphedema therapists can bandage the lower leg the traditional way and use the Velcro garment for the knee and thigh.
  • It can be used during phase 2 patient self-maintenance phase to maintain the reduced limbs swelling
  • It is mainly a daytime garment but can be utilized as a nighttime garment too. I recommend that MLL patients have one set for daytime and one.  set for nighttime so that they do not wear out too quickly.  Also, when using the Juxta Fit Essentials Thigh with Knee for daytime use we recommend setting the compression between 10-20mmHg.  All that is required for lighter compression is a lighter pull and Velcro on the individual Velcro straps.
  • It is economical.