Break Out of the World of Beige with Color Options

Breakout of Beige Juzo Compression Garments


Break out of the world of beige to discover the variety of color options from compression garment manufacturers.


When you think about compression garments, you’re probably thinking about those beige, knee-high stockings you saw your grandpa wear from time to time. Or maybe even the white TED hose you’ve seen bedridden patients in the hospital wear. Believe it or not, these garments have come a long way and now offer a wide variety of colors. In addition, there are many different types of materials and knit too!



Jobst has a wide variety of different choices in types of garments. They have some designed to look like casual and dress socks. They also have a sports option, for the athlete needing compression. Their premier custom garments, the Elvarex and Elvarex Soft have many choices as well.

Jobst Compression Garment Color Options


Like Jobst, Juzo also provides many choices as far as the material and style in their compression garments. They have your fashionable, casual, cotton socks that many like to wear for work. They also have a huge selection of colors for their Juzo Soft and Dynamic compression stockings. They even have seasonal colors that rotate out based on the time of year; brighter, vibrant colors for Spring and darker more neutral colors for Fall.

Juzo Soft Juzo Dynamic

Juzo is also notorious for its Signature Collection particularly for its arm sleeves which have many fun colors and patterns. One of our favorite patients that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, an elderly woman in her 80’s, elected to go with your typical beige sleeve for daily use as well as a “tattoo” signature sleeve to “scare the girls at church.” Whatever personality and style you may have, Juzo will certainly have a sleeve for you.

Juzo Trend Colors - Signature CollectionJuzo Signature Designs



Medi is also no stranger to different types of materials and colors in their garments. Like the other manufacturers, they have a color choice and fabric choices for everyone.

Medi-Compression-GarmentsMedi Color Options

Manufacturers have answered the call for more options with flying colors, and these are certainly not your grandfather’s compression stockings. If you want a modest, inconspicuous look, you certainly still have that option. However, if you want to break out and show your style and personality, you have plenty of choices to do just that.



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