Helping Patients During COVID-19: Home Drop-offs

Read how Absolute Medical is providing home drop-off services to patients during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Home Drop-offs

Last week, we received a distressed call from one of our long-term customers who was in dire need of new compression wraps. She is 82 years old and has been homebound for over 18 months. Her sister and primary caregiver were admitted to the hospital and her home health nurse was placed on restricted visits. She was in bandages and had no garments to transition into.


When we spoke with her doctor and lymphedema therapist, our biggest fear was the recurrence of cellulitis infection. If this happened, she would need overnights in the hospital and we did not want to risk anything. We all agreed that the Farrow Wrap Classics would be the best product for her. She still needed to decongest but out of her safety and the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we decided to deliver her compression garments to her doorstep. We spoke with her over the phone to answer any additional questions she may have. A few days later, she called to tell us how successful the compression garments were doing in managing her decongestion.


We are grateful for the healthcare professionals right now who are working in hospitals and treating patients on the front line.


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